We have spent years helping clients bring new products and services to the marketplace.  We want to immerse ourselves in your business to help you think through the right path to market and are reaching the right consumers.

While we have launched many products via DRTV, we will be the first to tell you if this is the right tactic or in fact, you may have more of a niche/less mass play, or to high a COGS/price point that might warrant a totally different strategy.

Another key factor is making sure we establish the right media, telemarketing, and fulfillment partners. While your creative is key, a successful campaign can live or die based on these relationships. We will help engineer the right team for the brand test and roll out phase.

For 25 years we have successfully launched many “mass” market products and if fact, we are really, new product “junkies”.  Let us share some of our thinking with you.
Brand Identity
Packaging And Design

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