Historically, direct response commercials were very poorly produced. With inferior cameras, barely adequate lighting, and bad editing, the production values were low. Add to that the belief that the announcer could only make product move if they used the technique of “yell and sell” and it’s no wonder the DR business was seen as cheesy.

For as long as we’ve been in the business we’ve fought the idea that a DR spot couldn’t look as well-produced and professional as traditional advertising.
And through the years, we’ve discovered the many positive aspects to making your commercial look more professional. Your brand is considered high quality, your product is seen as dependable, and you gain the interest of a wider range of potential buyers.

To achieve this we always invested in the latest production technology, both in the shooting phase with high-end cameras and grip gear, but also with cutting edge editing equipment. But the professional look of which we are very proud also relies on the decades we’ve put in to honing our craft and learning how best to put it to use.

Example? A key in direct response is showing off a product’s usefulness, and we pride ourselves on a strong understanding of how to create product demos. Being certain the “before and after” shots are strong and convey clear comparatives is another aspect of the “creative” side of production.

No matter how good the raw footage looks, you have to finish it. Our post-production team is both fast and state of the art. We are proud of our quick turnaround time. Our standard schedule for a high quality direct response short-form campaign from concept to delivery to the station is eight weeks and of course we’ve done far shorter than that when our clients required it.

Primary to all of this is cost. Our efficiency allows us to charge less for a quality product. As one client said, “Sure, I can shoot it on either coast, but why overpay, when Paddock can deliver a great spot for a better value?”

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